Who We Are


The Beefmaster Educational Endowment Foundation (B.E.E.F.) is a non-profit corporation formed in 2009. B.E.E.F. is affiliated with Beefmaster Breeders United (BBU) which was founded in 1961. The Foundation is dedicated to making a great breed of cattle even better through scientific research, education of the breed’s future leaders and providing valuable information to the public through research about Beefmasters as superior beef production animal. 

What We Do


A primary funding focus of B.E.E.F. has been to provide Beefmaster youth opportunities to become strong leaders for the future of the Beefmaster breed, their communities, and the agricultural industry. The Foundation provides number of scholarship opportunities, including the new “Prime Beef” scholarship, which is $8,000 over 4 years, with a new one awarded each year. We have also invested heavily in research projects demonstrating Beefmasters’ excellence on the ranch as well as in the feedlot and packing house.

How It Works


The B.E.E.F Foundation board, comprised of Beefmaster breeders, processes all gifts and manages the investment program. We have enjoyed a 10% return on investment over the past three years, while maintaining a very conservative investment policy. 


Most importantly, none of the corpus of gifts to B.E.E.F. will ever be spent – only the investment income. The Foundation Board is staffed 100% with volunteers. Compared to the typical foundation, a very large portion of every dollar goes back into education and research. 

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